Our services

Company Advanta supports foreign students during the whole time they study in Ukraine and also provides the following services:

  1. legal support (for additional payment with reduced tariff in case of legal procedures);
  2. consultations on the issues of residence on the territory of Ukraine;
  3. student's support in case of hospitalization, as well as assistance with reimbursement of expenses for treatment (medical insurance);
  4. translation of documents and notary services;
  5. assistance with renting an apartment, as well as buying air tickets;
  6. organization of cultural and sport events held by the Society of Ukrainian-Moroccan Friendship, attracting foreign students to participate in them;
  7. organization of excursions around the city or around Ukraine (with additional payment, which covers transport costs);
  8. constant monitoring of students' progress and informing parents;
  9. for those student who are enrolled to Zaporizhzhia State Medical University parents receive remote access to the student's progress (in English).